ŠTed Schaar 2016


The places and spaces pictured formerly held facilities that connected people to worlds far from Janesville. Captions are the only way to know what was.  Most of the photographs were taken under lead skies, which seemed appropriate.  By my last shot near the area that once held the Mid-City Drive-In, the clouds parted. 

Where the Myers stood.
The Myers stood here at 118 East Milwaukee Street.
ŠTed Schaar 2015

Electric and Nicoldean Theater Location
Janesville's first movie house, the Electric Theater, was at 33 South Main
Street, maybe in this building which looks like it might
date to the early 1900s. 
ŠTed Schaar 2015

Lyric and Royal location
The Lyric was at 113 West Milwaukee Street.
ŠTed Schaar 2015

Lyric and Royal
This space at 210 West Milwaukee Street was home
to the Royal and a later version of
the Lyric.
ŠTed Schaar 2015

Majestic 106 West Milwaukee
The Majestic welcomed movie-goers
 at 106 West Milwaukee Street.
ŠTed Schaar 2015

Unique and Orpheum 303 West Milw.
The Unique and later the Orphum were located at 303
West Milwaukee. A building housing Minuteman
Press currently occupies the site.
ŠTed Schaar 2015

Apollo location 306 West MilwaukeeFor about forty years, the Apollo (renamed The
Hitching Post) screened movies here at
306 West Milwaukee Street.
ŠTed Schaar 2015

Beverly 17-19 South Main Street
The Beverly stood at 17-19 South Main Street
 where Johnson Bank's parking lot is today.
ŠTed Schaar 2015

Jeffris ruin 2015.
With the Jeffris a pile of rubble at 319 West Milwaukee Street, there
is no hint left in downtown Janesville of a past that once
  supported four large theaters, two with balconies. 
Photograph by Mark Helgastad.

Hi-Way 26 outdoor location
Just beyond the intersection of Milton Avenue and Lodge Drive, people sitting
in cars viewed movies at the Hi-Way 26 Outdoor The long building 
in the background, part of a massive Woodman's, sits on land
the theater once occupied.  ŠTed Schaar 2015
Mid-City outdoor location
The mobile home park behind Jenny's Family Restaurant and a Mobil station,
 just northeast of the Highway 51-Town Line Road Intersection,
once was the site of the
Mid-City Outdoor.
ŠTed Schaar 2015





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